Who is Mekouti?

Using the artistic name of Mekouti, Thierry Mekoa is an artist, painter and designer who has created his own gallery and supervised dozens of young artists over the past 15 years. These artisits are gathered today at the Art Village AfroBantu, Mt Fébé, Yaoundé. Mekouti is talented and resourceful and his abstract and artistic style celebrates Afrobantu African traditions and is characterized by natural materials and vibrant colors.



Primary education
Self-taught artist


Creator and owner of the Afro Bantu Art Gallery, since 2008

Artist (visual arts, painting, sculptures) producing artistic works alone and in collaboration with other artists 

Exhibition, collection and purchase of works from artists

Directs and manages teams for interior and exterior building painting, design and decoration, providng services across Cameroon

Registerd as an artist with Mayor of Yaoundé since 2007 and as an artist painter by the Plastic Arts Group of the Ministry of Arts & Culture since 2022

Teacher providing art lessons for children and adults

This is how Mekouti works: from a blank canvas to amazing works of art....................

C'est ainsi que fonctionne Mekouti : d'une toile vierge à des œuvres d'art étonnantes..................

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